Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekly Comic Review -- July 23rd, 2008

I just have to laugh when a driver takes the time to roll down his window to apologize to me as he almost runs me over. It happened yesterday on my way to the comic store.

Anywho, I only had two books this week and unfortunately, I've only read one. I'm holding off on reading She-Hulk until I can track down a copy of the X-Factor book I missed. I didn't realize the crossover had already started. So it's just Elephantmen #13 this week.

Elephantmen #13 -- If you've read my last few reviews of this series you'll know that I'm pretty happy we've moved back to Hip, Ebony, et al. and the investigation of that meteor that crashed I don't know how many months ago (months our time, not comic book time). I liked this issue. I don't think it was their strongest but it started off this storyline strong. There were a few times where a panel didn't really hit me as too strong or the flow of the story or the narration got a bit choppy but it wasn't too jarring. And the ending made me eager to read the next issue. So all in all, a solid outing.

I'm trying to keep an eye on all the Comic-Con news as well, I was surprised by quite a few things and it'll be interesting to see where things go from here for individual comics and the industry as a whole. I was also happy to hear Umbrella Academy volume 2 is in the works as I just recently read volume 1 and enjoyed it.

But I guess that's it for now. Time to get back to work after spending lunch at the nearby mall thanks to yet another fire in the building.

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