Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Zuda and Other Stuff

In case you missed it, the Zuda Invitational has started so check it out and vote. I checked out the Araknid Kid and Spudman updates right away and they look great. I'll be taking a look at all of them and giving my reviews soon (I hope).

Also, check back later tonight for the next installment of High Moon, is it the end? I hope not, it's my second favourite ongoing Zuda comic (sorry David, I just love Bayou too much).

And lastly, with the Zuda Invitational started Josh decided to see how the Araknid Kid would look in his own animated TV show. So go over to his blog, check it out, and say hello.

As for the "other stuff" I mentioned in the title, I've recently been looking at Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog and the upcoming Heroes Webisodes and I'm a little disappointed that these will start off by only being available inside the U.S. Yeah, I'm sure everyone will find a way around it and I'm also sure there is a whole heck of legal issues that surround why they are only available inside the U.S. but it still kinda bugs me. First up, I don't really want to have to work around it. I want to support these people by going to their official sites and watching it there as they intended. Secondly, I hate it when things on the Internet are restricted based on your location. It just seems contrary to how I perceive the World Wide Web. Now I'm sure someone can go through all the legal stuff and explain to me why it's not possible but that won't change the fact that I just don't like it.

And oh yeah, I still love how I can view the ads before the Heroes Webisode trailer only to have the message come up after the ads telling me I can't watch the actual video. Thanks for wasting my time NBC.

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