Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekly Comic Reviews for November 12th, 2008

Woohoo! I bought some comics this week. Okay, it was one regular comic and the latest volume of the Manga series Monster. And to make it sadder, the comic was Mice Templar and I'm probably going to drop it. *sigh*

Mice Templar #6 -- From what I can remember of the first 5 issues (it's been a while) I think this was my favourite so far. It was a pretty easy book to read with good storytelling and good resolution to some of the storylines while introducing new stuff along the way. I didn't find myself fighting through it as I did previous issues. I still had a bit of trouble knowing who's who in the book but it seemed a bit better here. But unfortunately, I just don't think this book is for me. Maybe down the road I'll go back and pick up the TPBs but as it is, it's just not keeping my interest. When the first TPB comes out it may be worth picking up as I think the series has some potential and could connect well with some readers, it just isn't for me.

Monster Volume 17 -- I know, I don't normally do reviews of TPBs or the Manga stuff I pick up but I need to do something on this blog don't I? So I'll keep this short. I think this series has dragged on a little too long for my liking. At least with this issue we're starting to reach the climax of the story but I felt a bit let down as most of the plot twists were pretty obvious several volumes ago. There are still a few surprises or twists along the way but I think it could have been shortened a bit. I still think it's a pretty good series, I just think it drags on from time to time.

Anyone see ER last night? I wasn't expecting the cameos and they were a very, very pleasant surprise. I haven't been liking the show all that muchh for a while now but I did like last night's episode.

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Thanks so much for giving our series a chance! :)