Friday, June 03, 2011

DC's Big Thing

Well since everyone is giving their two cents on the big DC news I may as well throw my thoughts out there. My first thought was that DC was being pretty daring, revamping their entire comic run (including books that are doing very well like Green Lantern) to give a new status quo as well as going same day digital. My second thought was wondering if I'd be looking at picking up any of the books. I've never really been a fan of any DC characters. I've been mildly curious in the big three, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, from time to time but never really enough to get into their ongoing books (other than for an couple issues here and there). I have bought a few of the non-canonical books (Red Son, The New Frontier, Joker, etc) and enjoyed them but that's about it. So I had my doubts but I was also curious enough to keep listening. But the more I hear the less interested I am. But as I've said, I come in to this with a history of not being all that interested in these characters.

First up, the price of digital. I've given up on monthlies and I don't want to have to buy physical copies of these books just to try them out. So I was glad I could buy them the same day digitally, avoiding spoilers and being right there with everyone else as the books launched. But I just won't pay the same price for digital. I know there are expenses to be considered but with a physical book I am buying a physical thing that is now mine. With digital as it is I'm just paying for the ability to read it, and only so long as the companies will allow (or maybe until they are out of business). So yes I'll have the experience of reading it but it still doesn't seem like a good deal to me. I can wait until the price gets down but then what's the point, the wave of the relaunch has already passed me by and I'll have had weeks of everyone around me talking about it while I sit there and have to wait. And really, I'm just looking to test the waters of these new books. At least the first issues could be cheaper to attract me. So in short, the pricing just doesn't seem right to me.

Secondly, this whole "is it a reboot, a relaunch, a renumbering, whatever" talk, it's turning me right off. It doesn't help that they are saying it'll make sense when you see what happens in Flashpoint. So I have to be reading this series from the current DC universe and goes back in DC history to see what's going on with this relaunch? I may be proven wrong but so far that seems rather unfriendly to someone who hasn't already been reading DC comics. I get it, they can't really just wipe out the current DC universe, there has to be something going on. And they really want to advertise it but in the end it just seems unappealing to me.

Third, I'm cynical. Now you can say that this is my problem but I'm not the only comic reader who is thinking "How long until we're back to the status quo?" Yes, Crisis stuck (for the most part) but how many times have we had universe altering, status quo changing, Earth destroying events that lasted what, a year, before things were back to normal and we have Superman back to the way he was? We've heard wolf cried so many times that you really can't blame us for saying "yeah sure, this time it's a wolf".

So those are the big ones. But it's early and a lot can happen between now and September so I'll try my best to keep an open mind. Though DC may be making a lot of their current readers very unhappy I do appreciate that they are trying to clean things up and make their books more accessible to new readers or those who left and couldn't be bothered to try and get back into it.

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