Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Some Random Comic Reviews

I guess there hasn't been anything pushing me to do regular reviews since my weekly purchase of comics is gone. Instead, TPBs come in every now and then, I read them thinking I could maybe post a review or two but it just never happens. But before I start I'd like to point out Max Overacts is back!

So here's a recap of a few of my most recent reads:
Scalped volumes 1 through 3 -- I had been hearing great things about this series but I didn't really think it was for me. But as I was feeling a lull waiting for TPBs of other series to come out I decided to check out volume 1 and I'm really glad I did. Extremely well written, compelling story with interesting characters, and visually off the charts.

DMZ volume 1 -- This one was recommended to me by a friend, the same friend I got hooked on several books recently. It creates an interesting picture of the island of Manhattan becoming a demilitarized zone. I think it was to bring the feel of real world places to a more local place. Perhaps if I was more familiar with New York it would have more of an impact on me. It is pretty well written though and I've decided to check out a couple more volumes. And now that it's being cancelled I may be more likely to just give the whole series a try (weird logic I know but if I know there's a conclusion coming and it's not like I'll have to keep spending money on it I'm often more likely to spend the money).

Deadlands: The Devil's Six Gun one shot -- I was fortunate to get an advance copy of this. I'm not familiar with the game (not much of a roleplayer) but this was an interesting story. I think David Gallaher and Steve Ellis executed it very well, I think they've improved as a storytelling team since High Moon started (not that High Moon was anything to complain about). I don't think I'll be rushing out to pick up any more Deadlands stuff but this was a great story to check out.

Darkstar and the Winter Guard -- Speaking of David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, this book had been sitting on my Amazon wishlist for a while but I kept putting off buying it. I think reading their Deadlands one shot pushed me to finally order it. Other than a Hulk appearance or two I hadn't really cared about the Winter Guard. I'm actually not quite done (on the last issue now) but the characters are more interesting to me now that I've read this. It touches on a fair amount of Marvel history while still being readable if you're not an expert. I don't think I'd be looking to pick up a series for them long term but this has been good so far.

And I think that's it for now. I know there are a few I'm missing (Invincible and Fables, both very good) but I'll try to get back to posting reviews more frequently.

One last aside, I'm really looking forward to Fan Expo Canada again this year. I've heard a few complaints about things (higher prices, some people feel there haven't been what they see as big name announcements, last year's issues, etc) but I've really enjoyed myself the last two years and I'm happy with how this year's is looking. But then again, I don't really go for the celebrities as much as others.

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