Monday, July 02, 2012

No excuses... Okay, some excuses

I knew it had been a while since I last posted here but I didn't realize just how long it's been. I guess I use Twitter so much to post my random thoughts that I haven't bothered to collect them in a longer blog post. And with other stuff going on in my life, I guess this blog just got brushed aside. But here's a few tidbits of what's going on.

I went to the Ottawa Comic Con (it's first year) and it was a fun time. Really well organized for its first year. Sure, it had some issues but they usually got resolved pretty quickly. I saw some people complaining about the large crowds and long lines but what's a con to do? I was able to meet Richard Starkings, Neal Adams, Adam Baldwin, and Brent Spiner. All were really great and friendly. Richard Starkings even remembered this humble blog and he let me know that Hip Flask: Ouroboros is still in the works and hopefully we can expect an announcement soon.

My "to read" pile of comics has grown pretty huge. Some of the books I've read recently (or am reading):
Wonder Woman Volume 1 - I didn't really feel it was a novel story (it was okay, it just didn't knock me over) but the writing and art was strong enough to make this book interesting. I had thought I was only going to buy the first volume but it's hooked me enough to buy the second.

Comic Book Comics Volume 1 - I started reading this when it was coming out in individual issues and then somewhere along the way I just stopped getting them. I'm not sure what happened. So I picked up the trade. It's a great visual telling of the history of comics.

DMZ Volume 12 - A solid conclusion to this series. I wasn't sure about where this book was going in earlier volumes but this wraps it all up very well.

Astro City Volume 1 - I don't know why it took me this long to check out this series. It's superheroes done really Really well.

Incredible Hulk Volume 1 - I'm trying to give this book the benefit of the doubt. I actually sort of liked the Banner/Hulk dynamic here, it was different. The art was all over the place though and really bad at times. And how Hulk and Banner were separated wasn't the strongest part of the story, I thought that was pretty lame.

And now I'm off to read Jim Henson's Tale of Sand. Archaia really is knocking it out of the park recently. Their Jim Henson books are amazing.

That's it for now, hopefully it won't be so long until my next update. I have all these comic rants built up as well as Bluenoser updates yet I never get around to posting about them. Anyways, take care.

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