Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quick Comic Reviews - Invincible Volume 18

My pile of books to read has grown far too large and I really need to start knocking some of them off. I was thinking of taking some to Fan Expo Canada next weekend to read while I was waiting in lines but I didn't really want to lug a bunch of books with me (an argument for digital?) and I hope to pick up some down there so I don't want to lug even more back home with me. Which reminds me, anyone else going to Fan Expo Canada?

Invincible Volume 18 - SPOILERS: The title "The Death of Everyone" turns out to be a pretty big exaggeration. Sure, a lot of people die (which makes me wonder what the other Image universe characters were up to during all this, especially the ones who appeared in earlier Invincible issues) but actual Invincible characters dying? Not very many. Having said that, this volume was pretty good. Intense, lots of emotion, complex questions, etc, etc. The downside, it wasn't exactly told in a great fashion. The splash pages? Didn't work when "Death of Superman" did it, didn't really work for me here (though the inclusion of more dialog helped a bit here). And the jumping to the side stories like Omni-Man and Angstrom Levy just felt choppy and distracting at times. My final take, a good story but not exactly executed as well as it could. A good Invincible volume, but not a great one. Still, I'm eager to see what happens next.

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