Sunday, July 06, 2014

Quick Comic Reviews - Miracleman Book One

First up, I have to say that the almost 60 pages of bonus material seemed a bit much. I do like a bit of bonus material in my comics (covers to the issues, original art, etc) but I don't feel it should be one-third of the book.

Anyways, getting to the content of the book. It's difficult to review Miracleman without thinking about the stories behind it. As well, there's the timing of the original publication, there really was nothing like it at the time but now it's been copied over several times. And anyone new to the story may see Miracleman as the copy.

However, this volume only gives a glimpse of the story that "The Original Writer" (as he is listed in the credits) is building and that's too bad. It's just not enough to really get going and to new readers, that's too bad. Having read the series in its (unfinished) entirety, that gives the full picture. And perhaps new readers should wait for a bit more to be built up.

I recommend reading Miracleman, it's an incredibly well crafted story, but maybe just not yet.

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