Sunday, July 06, 2014

Quick Comic Reviews - Pretty Deadly Volume 1

I've been meaning to read this one for a while but my "to be read" pile just keeps growing it seems. I had heard mixed reviews going in but I tried to put them out of my mind while reading it.

In terms of writing, the story has some originality to it but also touches on some things that seem to be becoming more common (mostly centering around "Death"). Not a bad thing necessarily, I just wasn't completely blown away by the overall ideas. It is put together well with some great imagery (the butterfly and the bunny, for example). As for the art, it's not for everyone. It has a different, possibly 'messy', look to it. And while some panels are beautiful to look at or have energy popping off the page, some details just don't seem to clear (at least to me). So when the book is written such that a panel is supposed to show a quick glimpse to the reader and the reader can't figure out what exactly it is that they're looking at (at least not at first glance) it can take the reader out of the story slightly. I felt it got better as it went along, or maybe I was just getting used to it.

I'll probably pick up the second volume to see where it goes from here but I'm not sold on the series just yet. So on my rating scale (which I still haven't really come up with) this one falls between "take it or leave it" to "possibly recommend to certain readers if they are looking for something else to read."

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