Thursday, August 10, 2006

Women of/in comics

I wish I had more time to read some of the discussion going on in the forums here:

I did read a bit of one thread discussing Joss Whedon (although I'm thinking the original discussion about him turning Emma Frost evil might be premature). In some ways he may have become a bit of a target by being labelled a feminist. Now his work might be scrutinized a bit more and held to a different standard than your average comic book writer. Frank Miller on the other hand... well, it's Frank Miller. I didn't see it but hopefully they discuss Rob Leifeld as well.

Another discussion about fighting raises a few issues as well. How to deal with violence towards female characters. Take for example the JLA/Avengers crossover where Superman eventually beats Thor by knockout (sorry to say it Carl) and then gets jumped by Hercules, Iron Man, Wonderman, She-Hulk, Vision and maybe a few others who beat him into unconciousness. What if it was changed up so Superman beats Ms Marvel into unconciousness? Would Superman look as heroic then? And what if it wasn't Superman that the heroes ganged up on, what if it was Wonder Woman? Or, possibly even worse, Supergirl? Would this be still a heroic battle? Would this now fall into promoting violence towards women? You could say that this kind of thing is why it's just easier to match up female heroes with female antagonists, there are fewer issues with a female character being hit by another female character.

And isn't it ironic that I post this on the day that I plan to pick up the latest issue of not only the Hulk but also of She-Hulk. :)

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