Friday, February 08, 2008

Weekly Comic Reviews for Feb. 6th, 2008 -- SPOILERS

It's rather sad that I almost forgot to do my reviews for this week. What's really sad is that I only have one review to do but it's for Buffy #11.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #11 -- Okay, so here are the spoilers. Buffy has a heart to heart with Xander, Buffy has a heart to heart with Satsu, and Buffy has a fist to fist with the new "Big Bad". It's a fairly dialogue heavy book to start with but if you're as in to Buffy dialogue as I am you'll be okay with that. A little bit of it feels like re-hashing some of Buffy's insecurities and depression from season 7 but considering what she's going through, it's still solid character building stuff. But the new bad guy on the scene, he really makes his presence felt. Some people on other forums have wondered what could be a threat to Buffy, her army of slayers, and Willow (and throw in Xander as well) but this guy seems to be building something. He's obviously a physical threat to Buffy herself but it's his planning on top of that and his teaming up of various factions that could be his biggest threat to Buffy and her army... And Willow... And Xander. And that tease as to the big reveal of who it is was just so perfect for me. Yeah, it's kinda corny I guess but in some way perhaps that's what made me think the reveal may actually happen. Artistically, I'm not sure it was the strongest issue so far but it was solid. Overall, although they label this as a standalone issue I don't really see it as such. It seems to me to be an important moving forward point in a bigger story and I can't wait to see more of it. It definitely makes my recommended reading list. One thing I did kinda wonder about was the cover. Maybe it's just me but the cover seemed to be a cheaper quality (paper quality I mean, not artistic quality because even though I prefer Jo Chen's covers I thought Jon Foster's cover was pretty good here) but again, it could just be me.

So yeah, that's all I have for this week. But in case you were wondering, I still have plenty of comic reading on the go. I'm currently working my way through the fifth digest of Strangers in Paradise and the 3rd Buffy Omnibus. I also finished off volume 4 of Ex Machina. And I have some more Ex Machina volumes coming in shortly (hopefully today) along with the first volume of Y: The Last Man which I decided to pick up after all the talk about it's recent conclusion (I don't actually know how it ended and don't spoil it for me). So that's enough to keep me busy for now, not to mention the webcomics scene and such.

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