Friday, February 01, 2008

Weekly Comic Reviews for Jan 30th, 2008 -- spoiler and REVIEW free!

Yep, this week's reviews will not only be spoiler free but also review free. What do I mean by that? Well, I actually had no books come out for me this week. Kinda sad really. But I do have some reading material so don't feel bad for me. I have the latest Wizard Magazine as well as my Strangers in Paradise pocket books and Ex Machina TPBs. Not to mention a few webcomics.

Which brings me to the point of this posting. Since I have no printed comics to review I figured I might as well take this opportunity to list off a few webcomics I check out. No lengthy reviews or anything, just a quick list in case you're looking for something to read. Unfortunately I pretty much stick to two locations for webcomics at the moment so you'll notice they're all either DrunkDuck or Zuda comics. So here goes (in alphabetical order):

Araknid Kid -- Originally appearing on Zuda Comics, the story of the "mysterious stranger" who talks in pictures continues on SugarySerials:

Basketcase -- A fun daily comic though it's not always politically correct or "opinion free".

Battlefield Babysitter -- Another comic originally appearing on Zuda, the adventures of the superhero babysitter continue (albeit slowly) at

Bayou -- The first winner (without going through a competition) on Zuda and a very engaging story.

Blip -- An entertaining story about K and the forces that suround her.

High Moon -- Another Zuda winner dealing with Werewolves in the Old West. Interesting premise and beautifully drawn.

Locoma -- Living toys battle Mr Advertising. Fun stuff and pretty (various mediums are explored for the art).

Nuclear Neal -- Just caught this one today when I saw it featured on the DrunkDuck main page. Seems like an interesting idea and distinct art.

ZomBen -- Ben gets the powers of a Zombie and decides to become a superhero. How can an idea like that miss? And it's got cool art.

So yeah, just because I didn't have any comics to pick up this week I still have plenty of reading material. Plus, having a bit more extra time could mean more time for me to write/draw... Or just goof off. :)

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