Friday, May 02, 2008

Oh yeah.. I almost forgot Free Comic Book Day

I almost forgot to remind you all that tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. No, this does not mean that all comics are free. ;) So take a look at the comics that will be given out free that day and make sure you visit your local comic shop (assuming they are taking part). My local shop limits it to one or two per customer (which I understand completely) so I'll probably be torn between the Hellboy one, All Star Superman (just because I'm curious to see how good it really is), and the Marvel Adventures book. I'm also curious to see Wizard's How To Draw free comic but I'm assuming it's stuff I already have given that I bought the first few of their TPBs.

But there's also a lot of books aimed at the young ones and some of the more independant books that are worth checking out.

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Josh said...

Definitely looking to FCBD! Great reason to check out some new comics (I've heard a lot of good things about Atomic Robo)