Friday, May 16, 2008

Zuda May Competition Reviews

Let's get to it shall we...

"E" -- The description on this one is vague and the first 8 pages are just as vague. The art is nice and quirky, and the book seems to have some humour to it (though the last page made me groan out loud). But there wasn't really enough there to capture my attention or make me want more.

Action, Ohio -- I found the premise to this one to be sorta ho-hum but maybe that's because I just recently read Wanted. I wasn't sure if this was aiming to be serious (if it was it missed it needs to flush out the story and reasoning more) or fun (then the ending and the general mood didn't really fit). Either way, it probably wouldn't get my vote.

Captain Luck -- A somewhat more cartoony style (almost "Archie"-ish) for what seems to be a an old "hero adventure" style story that you'd see in old comic superhero serials. Unfortunately it's not quite my "thing" and I found the 8 pages didn't really flow as a story for me. I didn't really feel drawn into any of it and the abrupt ending just made me shrug and move on.

Celadore -- As much as I don't want to make the comparison it's gotta be said, with a young woman fighting vampires the first thing you're bound to think of is Buffy. But after reading it I'd have to say there's more to it than being another Buffy rip. I am curious to see where this goes, I already have an interest in the characters (though I do wonder if being a Buffy fan had something to do with that), and I do think there's some originality there that can be explored. This one is looking like it might be getting my vote.

Children of Bighand -- I have to say that this one takes the King Kong/Mighty Joe Young thing to the extreme. Personally, I felt the art, story, and narration was rather weak. It won't be getting my vote.

Colonel MacTagart -- I saw where this cartoon was going pretty much from the start and yet it took 8 pages to get there. And in the end, I just didn't find it all that funny. But perhaps that boils down somewhat to personal taste. I don't think this one deserves 10th place but it's not on the top of my list.

Golden -- Unfortunately, I just have a hard time getting into samurai stories and the like. I do think this one has decent art, an interesting idea, and some good story telling. Honestly, it ranks fairly high on my list for this month despite my own personal preferences.

Hannibal Goes to Rome -- Having a little fun with history here, it adds some humour to a story that typically wouldn't have it. This one succeeds on several fronts but probably isn't something I'd read on a regular basis. Still very good work though.

Robodeath -- Big transforming robot machinery and zombies with guns, a marriage made in heaven. Add to the mix a gun toting woman in a skirt and there you go. There does seem to be the hint at something more to this story but I really couldn't get past the machinery and zombies and such. And there was nothing in those first 7 pages to help with that.

The Mean Model -- I was expecting eight pages of Paris Hilton jokes but fortunately there was a bit more to it. Unfortunately, it didn't really seem like all that much more for me. I didn't really find it funny and it used a lot of the standard jokes. I didn't really think it was anything new. I won't be voting for this one.

So after going through that it seems Celadore is the front runner for my vote. Golden and Hannibal Goes to Rome round out the top 3 for me.

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caanantheartboy said...

Hey Darrell! That's awesome news! Thanks for the review. And the vote! (If that's where you ended up).

I don't mind the Buffy comparisons. As long as it's to the show - not the movie. ;o) But yeah, hopefully if I win people will begin to see just how much like Buffy it isn't, so... thanks again!