Friday, February 27, 2009

What I'm Reading... The Monthlies

It's been a long, LONG time since I did my weekly review thing so I've decided to do something a bit different to catch up. Basically, here (quickly) is everything I've been reading as of late because to be honest, I can't remember what I've reviewed and what I haven't. And I'll probably miss a few books that I've forgotten that I collect, I'll try to add those as I think of them. I'll start with the monthlies as I like to call them and save the TPBs for another post...

Elephantmen -- I think this one may be my favourite monthly. I may have been a bit disappointed with the ending to the Spore Wars but it did leave a few dangling possible stories that seemed intriguing. And I kinda like that some of the recent stories are showing more of the importance of some of the earlier ones.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- I'm not a big fan of the whole "Harmony going public" thing and such but I guess it makes sense, it was bound to happen and seems to connect with what's happening in LA in Angel. Overall, the book has been pretty consistent but I'd like to get back to more of the Twilight stuff soon.

Angel -- Man, the ending of that series felt like a kick to the crotch. Yeah, I know that sounds harsh but I did not like it at all. And I wasn't even the biggest fan of this series to begin with. I did kinda like the latest issue though.

She-Hulk -- I know some people are upset that Peter David didn't try to do what Dan Slott had been doing but I still felt this series was very well written and had some interesting storylines. The art was rather inconsistent but pretty good at time and not terrible at other times. I'm sorry to see this one go but I won't be giving the "new She-Hulk" a look, it just bugs me too much.

Skaar -- I'm rather glad to see Lim taking over the art chores on this book. The series has been struggling a bit to work for me but it has had its moments. The last couple issues seem to have picked things up a notch so I'm sticking it out for now. And I'm looking forward to the Planet Skaar storyline.

Tek Jansen -- I know, it's silly (or maybe even "stupid") but I expect nothing less from Stephen Colbert. Though the fact that it's a limited series probably helps. :)

Runaways -- I haven't read this month's issue yet but I've been fairly disappointed with this series. Last month's issue had a pretty good ending to the storyline but the art still rubs me the wrong way. It may be on the chopping block for me which is surprising.

Echo -- Speaking of the chopping block, this series still seems to be going a little too slowly for me. Every issue barely seems to get started when I suddenly realize that I'm done. I'll be picking up next week's issue but I'll most likely be dropping this and maybe coming back for the TPBs.

Mouse Guard -- Again, I haven't read this week's issue yet but I'm sure it's go great art and an interesting story. But it may be another one I'll be picking up in hard/softcover when each chapter is done. It's good and paced well but the time gap between issues and such make it a little tough for me to get back into it by the time each issue comes out.

Stay tuned for my TPB list. :)

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