Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekly Comic Reviews for April 15th, 2009

Wow, busy day today and I almost forgot to do my weekly reviews. That could also be due to only getting one book this week. So without further ado...

Mysterius the Unfathomable #4 (of 6) -- First off, I think Tom Fowler's art has been working well with this series. I think it's hitting the right tone and it works well in this issue with all the weird and "wonderful" creatures. Unfortunately though, I found this issue to run on a bit too long at too slow a pace. Maybe it's just that it didn't seem to keep up the tempo of the previous issues or we've just hit a lull in the 6 issue storyline (or, and this is a definite possibility, it was just me) but it seemed like too much of a chore to make it through. And maybe the dialogue (the rhyming) didn't help too much. Fortunately, we end on a cliffhanger with promise of some excitement in the next issue. Not a bad issue but not one of the better ones of this series.

And that's it. Kinda sad huh? Oh well, next week promises to be busy comic-wise for me.

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