Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heroes Season Finale -- SPOILERS

Yeah, I recorded it to watch it later so I'm a little behind.

Wow! I can't be the only one who was severely disappointed by that episode. I was really disappointed with the first half of this season and I felt the second half was only slightly better. But this episode sort of blind sided me. The battle with Sylar was ridiculous. I know they're under a budget and everything but the extended shots of Claire peeking through and then pacing around just annoyed me. And the number of things that seemed to just happen so easily to get from point A to point Z, well, I couldn't even keep count. I felt like I wasn't being told a story but getting the cliff's notes. The sudden "We need Nathan alive" stuff for example. Yes, they did end up explaining it quickly but only after they'd already come to the conclusion to do it. At first, it just seemed like it was plucked out of nowhere.

Even the stuff left open for next season doesn't catch me. Sylar still peeking out from under the Nathan blanket? Who didn't see that coming? Tracy back hunting down the people from building 26? Yippee. And Hiro suddenly saying he had to go home and nobody saying anything? He's there with people who know him, one of which is a doctor, another that's a Senator, and the Senator's mother who still has lots of power. Why would he leave and why would they let him? Unless they already know something (ie. he's dying).

Overall, the finale left me with questions but not in a good way. I don't even know if I'm going to be back to watch it next season, that's one question I have.


Ricochile said...

i said most of the things you said on my blog your not the only one that feels ripped off by the finale lol.

่”ฅ็ˆ†็‰›่‚‰Frank said...
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