Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Comic Reviews for February 17th, 2010 -- May Contain SPOILERS

A whopping one book for me this week, which may be one more than I'll be picking up next week.

The Incredible Hulk #607 -- On the positive side, I am enjoying some of the intellectual dueling between Leader, Modok, Pym, Banner, etc, etc, the dialogue and twists and turns are great there. And the art is absolutely beautiful stuff. But there still seems to be something missing for me. I'm not even picking up all the books of this event (no "Hulk" and no "Red Hulk") and it already feels like it's dragging. This is just the prelude to the whole "War of the Hulks" stuff and I don't think that can come soon enough for me (though from what I've seen of the post-Fall of the Hulks books I'm not so sure what I'll think of the books). As for the She-Hulk second story, that felt painful to me. Having the characters talk in such a way as to avoid saying who she is as well as the Red Hulk (or making really lame excuses for not saying it) turned me right off that one. I'm sticking with the books I'm picking up for now but the Fall of the Hulks is not really winning me over yet and it wouldn't make my recommended reading list.

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