Friday, May 30, 2014

Book Reviews - The Hunger Games trilogy

I decided to check out these books shortly after seeing the first movie but I decided to finish all the Game of Thrones books first. I thought the first movie was "okay". I felt the first half was pretty poor but the second half brought it up. The second movie was a bit better in my opinion. I enjoyed the books quite a bit more. Learning more about Katniss and what makes her tick, seeing everything from her perspective, was very interesting. It's a bit weird at times as you don't get to see anything that she doesn't see (as you do in the movies) but that sort of adds a different element to it.

I can definitely see why these books appeal to so many and I'd recommend them. I'm tempted to check out some other books by Suzanne Collins but I think I'll wait until my current to-be-read pile is cut down a bit.

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