Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ottawa Comiccon 2014

I guess Ottawa Comiccon is good enough reason to resurrect this blog for a bit. So here's my rundown. Overall, it was a fun con. I thought the comic section was a little light and the celebs were great but not really ideal for me (either I've met them or they are known for things I was never really interested in). But it was pretty well organized. Things fell behind at times but they seemed to recover for the most part. So here is my rundown of the three days.

Friday -- Sean Astin was my primary focus on day 1, grabbing a photo and autograph from him. I love Goonies and Rudy but in the short time I had to talk to him I had to praise the decision to cast him as Samwise Gamgee (my favourite character in Lord of the Rings) and say he nailed it perfectly in my opinion. I also decided to pick up three beer coasters from Mike Rooth (with the Leader, Abomination, and She-Hulk drawn on them to go with the Hulk one I had from him) and two booklets from Jenny Frison containing some of her covers.

Saturday -- Day 2 was mostly Q&A's for me. First up, Summer Glau. I expected her to be much more of an introvert but it was a fun panel. Then there was Bruce Campbell. His panel was more of a routine by him then a Q&A but very funny and entertaining. The third panel was Sean Astin and man, the energy and excitement he came with was great. I was a fan before but was even more of a fan after seeing how great he was with his fans. I also went for a photo op with Summer Glau and Charisma Carpenter. I had purchased it when it was Summer and Eliza Dushku but was happy to have had a chance to meet Charisma. Both seemed very nice in the short time you get to say hi before they snap your photo and usher you out.

My day 2 purchases consisted of Hobbit slippers and a copy of Marvel Knights: Spider-Man. After talking to Marco Rudy for a while and admiring his original art I decided I had to give the book a try and he was kind enough to sign it for me.

Sunday -- The last day was a quiet, short day for us. There was the Karl Urban Q&A which was also a lot of fun (the panels I went to were top notch this year) and I grabbed an autograph from Pat Mastroianni (Joey Jeremiah from the original Degrassi series). Pat was very friendly and seemed to really be enjoying his time with the fans. But after some browsing we decided around 3:30 to head home so we could prepare for a Mother's Day BBQ.

So, not a lot of money was spent (depending on your definition of "a lot") but another successful Ottawa Comiccon in my mind. And now I have Fan Expo Canada to look forward to.

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