Monday, May 26, 2014

Writer's Block

After recent events I've tried over and over again to compose one blog post in particular. I wanted to start off talking about my social shortcomings, keeping it clear that these are my shortcomings that I have to improve on rather than taking out my frustrations on others, and then moving on to the women in my life, whether they be family, friends, acquaintances, online connections, or just women who choose to share their voice in a public forum. I wanted to touch on how much I have learned from them while realizing how much more there is, and that I'll never fully understand but that I have to keep listening, to keep trying to be a better person. And then I would thank these women for being much stronger than I could be and single out the friends who continue to be such an important part of my life, inspiring me to try to always be better.

But unfortunately every time I try to write up the post it just seems to come out wrong. So until I figure it out let's all just try to be better to one another.

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