Friday, May 19, 2006

Comic reviews

It was another really slow week for me comic-wise but don't worry, I'm looking at picking up the Elephantmen series that's starting up as well as the Mouse Guard TPB when it's out. And maybe Hip Flask too so I might have more to share in the upcoming months. But as for this week, none of my usual books came out so I decided to give Wolverine: Origins one more try with issue #2. So here goes...

Wolverine: Origins #2 -- Meh. This book just ain't living up to the original Origin series. Nowhere close. It's nothing special, it could probably be thrown into his regular ongoing series and people would be just as bored (but we wouldn't have two ongoing Wolverine titles at least). The writing, Daniel Way does not deserve the hype he's been getting. Every book I've read of his has disappointed me. His Nighthawk series was just a bunch of ripoffs of Batman stories (a lot from the most recent movie) and was extremely dull. And the more they integrate Wolverine into the US military the more I want to slap someone at Marvel. At least Jenkins had the guts to keep him Canadian in Origin but I guess that's too much to ask. In the end, it's badly done. The art, rather bland. I know I've taken some slack for criticizing Dillion's work but I just find it meh. He's not a bad artist, he's got a lot more talent than I have but he just seems to be going through the motions. No real dynamic angles to give emotion to his art. In comic books, if you want the reader to be drawn into a scene like Nuke being electrocuted you play with the angles, you contort his body in ways it shouldn't be contorting, you make it look like Zeus himself is sending lightning bolts through his body. Instead, we have a guy who looks like he's in some mild discomfort but has a nice blue glow about him. *yawn* Definitely won't be picking up issue 3 even if that means going home empty handed.

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