Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So why'd you call?

I get these annoying phone calls from Bell which start off with them saying "Hi, I am so-and-so calling on behalf of Bell and we were just wondering if you're happy with your current Bell services." Usually I just say no, they go quiet for a while not expecting that answer and then I say good-bye and hang up. The reason for my loathing is a rant for another day but some of the highlights are: 11 appointments they told me to be home for (some time between 8 and 5) none of which anyone showed up for, 3 unscheduled appointments where they sent someone who ended up asking me to explain how the phone wiring worked, countless hours arguing with them on the phone, a couple threats by them to send a collection agency after me to force me to pay for a phone that wasn't working, one woman threatening that if I went to Sprint/Rogers for my set up that it would take longer the reason being that even they have to go through Bell at some point (almost seems like a threat that they would make sure it took longer if I went to the competition, that seems somewhat illegal), laughter (directed towards me) when I told them their automated phone service hangs up on me whenever I try to register a complaint (they said it's a known problem with their phone system... you're Bell!! If anyone should have a working phone system shouldn't it be you???), etc, etc. But I did get $5 of gift certificates at Tim Horton's from them. Yippee!!!

Anywho, the guy last night decides to ask me what's wrong and I say to just look at my file. Turns out, he doesn't have access to my file. So I give him a few of the highlights and he says he can patch me through so I can complain to someone who does have access to my file. I tell him I've spent enough time arguing and complaining and I'm not going to waste any more of my time with it. They should have a record of it, the Better Business Bureau does. So we say our good-bye's but here's the thing, if you start by saying you want to know if I'm happy with Bell's service then at least have access to my file so you can register complaints or see my history of complaints. Otherwise be honest, you're calling to try and sell me on other services. You don't care if I'm happy, you just want to sign me up for more crap!

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