Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weekly comics review - spoilers

Yet again, only one book to review and it's She-Hulk. So here goes...

She-Hulk: Unfortunately this issue kinda let me down. To get the art critique out of the way, it was good for the most part but there were a few panels that seemed off (like one of John Jameson and some engineers and he looked absolutely tiny in comparison to them). As for the story, we have Doc Samson getting help from Dr Strange to lift the spell that Scarlett Witch cast on She-Hulk (the one that says that anybody who wants to harm She-Hulk can't see her in her Jennifer Walters form)... follow all that? Anyhow, it seems that this was part of the reason for She-Hulk's recent issues (unable to transform, weaker than usual, etc, etc). Of course we know that this doesn't solve all her problems (too easy to dismiss an important storyline element in the first two pages of the issue and Doc Samson confirms that there's more to it) but that'll have to wait for another issue for rest of that story. Then Jennifer Walters is visitted by two New Warriors who are upset about a website that's giving away the secret identities of the group (set up after the Marvel: Civil War incident) and promoting violence against them. They bring up one of the obvious cons for the registration in that the last time someone had a list of the New Warrior's identities a few of them lost family members when they became targets of the supervillains. Despite She-Hulk coming out pro-registration it seems Jen argues against it (taking a few shots at Iron Man in the process) or at least part of it. Captain America shows up to talk to John (who's also busy testing out a new aircraft the military is building to hunt down low flying small vehicles... aka superheroes) and see if he can get a feel for what side She-Hulk will side on. In the end, the website was set up by a New Warrior who, after the events of Civil War, wanted the New Warriors to just end and go away because he didn't want to be associated with that event. And we end with John Jameson proposing to She-Hulk (ring and all).

What I felt was off in this book, the humour was taken out. This meant some of the fun supporting characters (Pug and Awesome Andy) had to be non-existant while the adults talked. And the twist that it was a New Warrior running the website felt more like a Great Lakes Avengers (a comedy book) element rather than something in a serious book. As well, it almost felt to me that Slott was trying to recover from what other writers have done. He had Iron Man refer to the Hulk's destruction of Las Vegas but no mention of deaths. This almost felt like Slott was trying to go against Bendis' take on the Hulk as a killer because obviously Iron Man would have focussed more on the deaths the Hulk caused (if he had caused deaths) rather than the destruction of property. Then She-Hulk seems to have to back pedal concerning things Millar had her say in Civil War. It almost seemed like Millar had decided on his own that She-Hulk would just go pro-registration and then when word got to Slott (who had been planning to have her more conflicted) he had to tweak things to try and make them fit. I have no evidence of that happening but it's how it felt to me.

So it wasn't a terrible issue, just not one of the better ones in this series.

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