Friday, June 02, 2006

Weekly comics review - Spoilers

Sometimes an accident can lead to the discovery of something wonderful. Last night when the girl working at Subway accidentally put dijon mustard on my italian BMT instead of regular mustard was NOT one of those times. YUCK!!!

This week's reviews: The Incredible Hulk, The Thing, and The Great and Secret Show.

Hulk: Recap of the issue... Silver Surfer captured and depowered, Surfer fight Hulk and Hulk's friends, Hulk smash thing being used to depower Surfer and keep him under their control, Hulk declared winner of 3rd battle so deserves freedom but doesn't get it, Surfer destroys all the devices used to enslave the people, Hulk and team go on rampage, Hulk declines Surfer's offer to take him away. Other than the fill in pages that recount the Surfer's past and how he got here the art looked nice. And it was nice to see both sides of the fight being given credit (despite being depowered the Surfer was kickin' some butt and the Hulk did give him a bit of an impressive pounding). All in all I'm still liking the Hulk book but this issue just seemed so choppy in parts. I'm thinking it's more to do with the writing because on one page you have the slaves causing a riot and you flip the page and they're all standing outside talking. I kept flipping back to see if I missed something. Perhaps this was partly the artist's fault (maybe they weren't supposed to be standing around all calm and chatty but actually talking in the midst of the riot) but I'm not sure and for now, I just see it as a problem. Also, the Hulk's dialog seems to have him less intelligent than the Hulk that Peter David left off with. But it's still better than the mute Hulk that Daniel Way seemed to be writing. It's still a series I'd recommend.

The Thing: This series just keeps going downhill for me and it's a shame because I've loved so much of Slott's work up until this point. The art is a little week again in this issue but the biggest complaint is that this series is becoming more and more a Marvel Age/kiddy book. Now I encourage books to be available to children but this one just crosses the line for me from a book that everyone can enjoy to one that only 12 and under could get anything out of. Not recommending this series any more though the last issue (yes, it's ending) is supposed to be the big poker game.

The Great and Secret Show: So we've finally moved into the present and the story is progressing. The problem, from all the flashbacks and such we're being hammered with all these characters in a short amount of time and it can be difficult to track, "so he's the daughter of who now?" The art remains really enjoyable. It's cartoony but in a good way. But again, after finishing the book I had to flip through to make sure I didn't miss anything because it just seems that I'm not getting a full issue for some reason. Although when I look back at it, quite a bit happens so it's a little weird in that way. Still, I'd recommend this book especially for Clive Barker fans.

So that's it for this week.

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