Friday, June 30, 2006

Weekly comics review -- Spoilers for Civil War #2 (old ones) and Civil War Frontline #2

Only one book this week (plus a Wizard magazine). So let's get right to it:

Civil War: Frontline #2 -- Disappointment. Major disappointment. This book felt more like a "let's throw a few useless stories together into one book" rather than a second issue of a limitted series. It started off ok as they continued the story of the two reporters and how they (mostly Urich and Jameson) are reacting to Spider-Man's unmasking. The art was a little weak (there was one panel of Jameson that was especially bad, where his arm looked like rubber) but it was moving along ok. Then all of a sudden I read "to be continued". What? I wasn't even half way through the book. Then a different artist comes in to tell another story. After that, we have another artist with another story. What the heck? And none of them really went anywhere. We have Speedball refusing to sign off on registering despite being incarcerated without legal representation or anything and beaten (gee, sound familiar) and we have a bunch of pages recapping what happened after Peter Parker said "any questions?" just so we can see SHIELD approach Norman Osborn. Then Ben Urich writing an article relating the fight we saw in the first story (a drunk Prodigy versus Iron Man) to an old story from Rome. Meh! So it all just seemed like a waste. It reminded me of those old useless annuals Marvel used to put out. I really hope this series gets back on track with the next issue.

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