Wednesday, June 28, 2006

IKEA -- Why am I jinxed?

So it was off to everyone's favourite store, Ikea, for some shelving units. This is going to be a long rant so you might want to get your snacks now and go to the bathroom first.

I had picked out stuff I saw online and just in case, I picked out stuff I found in the catalogue. After going back and forth from one end of the store to the other (looking at the shelving they had in the displays at the front and the other shelving they had in other sections) I soon discovered none of what I was looking at in the catalogue or the website was there. So after a few more trips back and forth I decided to settle on another unit because I wanted it ASAP. So after writing down the aisle and bin number of the shelving and a coffee table I had my eye on I head to the back area. It's at this point that I discover the coffee table is only available in black so that's now out of the picture for now. And after some discussion with my brother and sister-in-law we come to the conclusion that there is no way the shelving units and doors will fit in the car so I'm going to have to pay the $60 in delivery. Having never done that before we ask a guy where we go for delivery and he directs us to the front cash. Ok, so I start loading up the shelves with the help of another employee. I tell him I'm making up two shelving units and ask if this is all I need (two boxes for the shelves, two for the doors) and he says yes. So it's off to the front cash where I'm told no, it's back to the delivery counter to pay for it there. Fine, it's off to the delivery counter. I pay for the items and leave but I'm wondering why it seemed quite a bit cheaper than what I was expecting. It dawns on me when I get home, there was probably only one door per box and I needed 4 for my two sets of shelving. This I will concede is partly my fault but I wish the stock guy hadn't made the same mistake I made.

So last night was the delivery (which I will remind you I paid $60 for). The two guys show up well within the 5-10pm window and all seems good. Each decides to take one shelving unit and when the first one gets to the front door he immediately starts banging the shelves into every wall and almost dropping them. So I end up having to help lug it up the stairs. He warns me that the boxes got wet (which I wasn't too thrilled about but it was raining pretty hard). Wet cardboard means weak cardboard so I have to be careful the shelving doesn't fall out. The second guy finally shows with his shelving and they lug that one up. Next comes the two doors which seemingly have no issue. So I sign it away, give them some bottled water and walk them to the door. As I'm coming back up my stairs I see that the huge mess they made of my walls. It looks like they scraped that second box (or maybe it was the doors) all the way up. It's filthy and scratched in places (luckily I haven't painted yet). And of course they didn't take the time to take off their boots/shoes so my carpet needs a good cleaning.

Then I open the second shelving unit they brought in and discover that the reason they warned me about it is obviously because this box did break open. The three main shelves have all been dropped. All three have their front corners mashed in, splintered, and full of mud and dirt (which on light coloured shelving is rather hard to hide). And most of the other pieces are wet and dirty as well. After wiping them off and taking inventory (one of the little knobs for one of the doors was missing) I decided to call Ikea. Their response, they're reluctant to send anyone out for shelving so I (not having a car and living in Orleans) have to take back the pieces that are damaged and return them. Needless to say they will be getting a piece of my mind when I do go out there. I would have been much better saving my $60 and tracking down someone with a truck and doing it all myself.

Oh well, maybe I'll go watch the new Spider-Man 3 teaser a few more times to try to cheer myself up.

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