Friday, June 23, 2006

One year already?

I had my visit from the housing company to go over my one year items (they send a rep out to check the items I list and then send out someone to fix them). It was going ok for the most part and he even fixed on of my issues himself (it had to do with the toilet but you don't need to know the details). Overall I was happy with it except when it came to the noise issue. The issue: I can not only hear the TV and the piano of the people below me (even up two levels in my master bedroom) but I can hear their phone ring. He says everything's to code and there's nothing they can do about it.

Then lunch time comes around and when I go to get my soy sauce that I leave in the communal kitchen area at work I find out it's gone (as is all the stuff people have left in the cabinet area). At some point somebody had moved them out of the cabinets onto the counter top. Then the cleaning staff figured they were left out as garbage so they tossed them. Two-thirds of a jar of soy sauce gone and I'm left with some pretty bland white rice. But from now on, no leaving stuff in the communal area. I'll be keeping my sauces to myself!

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