Thursday, May 21, 2009

Makin' Money

After my last post I thought back to the two times I made money off my "art". One time was in high school when I painted a picture that was auctioned off for charity. It was a picture of a kingfisher and was one of the first times my colour blindness really came into focus (people asked me why the branches around the bird were green but they looked brown to me). I think the picture sold for $60 and they gave me $15 of that.

But the first time was either in grade 1 or 2 where for 5 cents I'd draw a person's name in bubble letters. But a fellow student told on me and my teacher forced me to give back the money (though they got to keep the "drawings" I did). Come to think of it, I think I may have lost money on this one when some students claimed I had taken money from them even though I hadn't.

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